How to perform a sexy striptease

How to perform a sexy striptease

Performing a striptease for your partner is a wonderful way to get them (and yourself) in the mood! It can help you recapture the flirty excitement from the early days of your relationship, while giving you a boost of confidence from the pleasure of being watched. Here are some tips to help you put on a show for your sweetheart!

Gather inspiration from the greats. YouTube is an invaluable resource, so use it! Just type “striptease” into the search bar and drink it all in. Superstar strippers – such as Dita Von Teese, Veronica Varlow, and Stormy Daniels – will give you ideas you can incorporate into your own strip show.

Practice alone first. Some people are so unshakeably confident that they could probably just “wing it,” but for most of us, a little preparation will go a long way! Strip and dance in front of a mirror (or even in front of your phone’s camera) before you invite your partner to watch. You’ll gain some confidence from this “dry run,” as it were.

Build anticipation. You could text your partner earlier in the day to let them know you’ll have a surprise for them when they get home later. Or you could spring it on them a little closer to showtime, by purring “I’ll have a special treat for you when we get home” from across the table on a dinner date. Let them enjoy the tantalizing anticipation!

Tailor your performance to your partner’s fantasies. You’ll really “wow” your lover if you incorporate elements you already know turn them on. If they’ve got a thing for sexy nurses, firefighters, or Princess Leia, work those details into your “act.” Likewise, if you’ve noticed they go wild for stockings, heels, leather, latex, or red lipstick, be sure to throw those on (so you can take them off!). Nothing’s sexier than a partner who knows exactly how to get you hot and bothered.

Choose music that makes you feel fantastic. Whether you keep things classic with burlesque-era jazz, sway to modern faves like Ginuwine’s “Pony,” or bust out something completely unexpected (“Gangnam Style,” anyone?!), make sure your music selection fills your heart with lusty joy. You’ll seem happier and bolder if you’re dancing to music you absolutely love.

Select your outfit wisely. Wear enough layers that you can disrobe with delicious slowness, but avoid anything so cumbersome or complicated that you’ll take too long to get out of it. A standard striptease outfit might include, for example, a button-down shirt, a short skirt, stockings, high heels, and a matching set of lingerie – but of course, tailor your ensemble to fit your own tastes and style. You’ll feel (and look) awkward if you wear something too far out of your comfort zone!

Play to your strengths. Not all of us can be smoldering seductresses; some of us are a little clumsier, gigglier, or weirder! Your partner loves you for you, so make sure your striptease feels true to who you are – even if that means you wear combat boots instead of heels, laugh your way through instead of glaring lasciviously, or dance to pop-punk instead of smooth jazz. You do you, boo!

Go slow. Sensuality expert Kitty Cavalier says the secret to seduction is to “take whatever you are doing and just. Do. It. Slower.” Maybe your partner’s seen you shed your clothes hundreds of times, casually, while getting ready for work or for bed – but they’ve probably never seen you strip with white-hot intention and aching slowness. Don’t rush toward the “finish line” of nakedness – let your lover enjoy the journey!

Have you ever given a partner a striptease (or received one)? What are your favorite strip tips?

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